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Workshop “analyse to compile, compile to analyse” (ACCA 2011)

Sunday April 3, 2011, Afternoon -- Chamonix

New ! Program (pdf)!!

Affiliated with CGO 2011.


The purpose of the workshop is to share ideas on the two close topics : static and dynamic code analysis and compilation. By encouraging discussions and co-operations across different, yet related fields, the workshop strives for bridging the gap between the two communities.

Topics include :

Talks should be accessible to the combined audience of the workshop, and emphasize areas where compilation and static analysis techniques interact.

Program committee

Chairs: L. Gonnord and D. Monniaux

Jean-Christophe Filliâtre CNRS (LRI)
Abdoulaye Gamatié CNRS (LIFL)
Laure Gonnord Université Lille-1 (LIFL)
David Monniaux CNRS (VERIMAG)
Sid-Ahmed-Ali Touati Université de Versailles


We feel that there are already many venues that accept papers on such topics, and that the “refereed papers and printed proceedings” format stiffles discussion, which is what a workshop should be about. As a consequence, we have opted for the following format :

List of accepted Talks

Submission and important dates

Submission was handled by EasyChair ( Authors had to submit a an abstract of their talk, up to 1 page.


To contact the PC chairs, please email .

By David Monniaux and Laure Gonnord.
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